Ahmet Levent Atlıer

Ahmet Levent Atlıer, born in Istanbul in 1971, started his piano studies at Istanbul State Conservatory with Sibel Kurtbey. He continued his harmony studies with Önder Bali . He entered the Marmara University Music Department in 1990. Simultaneously, he continued to take piano lessons with Ali Darman. A. Levent Atlıer, who started teaching music at Hisar Schools in 2002, served as Head of the Music Department between 2003-2021. By enabling Hisar Schools to specialize in music, he has had a significant share in the national and international successes achieved with the orchestras he created. He currently serves as Cangöz Academies Education Coordinator and Institution Manager simultaneously. Levent Atlıer, who studies flute and jazz harmony with Nail Yavuzoğlu. In his professional musician life, he was among the founders of the CornFlakes group, in addition to his stage work with artists and groups such as Fikret Kızılok, Bora Öztoprak, and the AF group.
Founder of IPC Istanbul Piano Competition