Natalia Doğan

Natalia Doğan was born in Russia in 1975 and currently resides in Kocaeli, Turkey. After completing her music education, she successfully graduated from the piano department of Gubkin Music High School. She also completed her studies in the piano department of Voronej City State Pedagogical University’s music faculty.

In 1996, she began teaching piano lessons, and in 2000, she started living in Turkey, where she continues to offer piano lessons to both children and adults. Between 2006 and 2012, she taught at Kocaeli University State Conservatory.

Since 2012, she has trained numerous students who have achieved success in international competitions. She has also applied her own fun and educational teaching method for students aged 4-6. Natalia has served as a jury member in national and international festivals and competitions. She continues to provide entertaining and educational piano lessons in Kocaeli.